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Scanio & Scanio is sensitive to the difficulty that family law in San Marcos, TX can bring. Our team is here to offer support during this trying time.

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Family Law in San Marcos, TX
In the market for the perfect attorney in family law in San Marcos, TX? Look no further than Scanio & Scanio right in the heart of the San Marcos square. Rooted by family since our beginnings, we have been in the heart of San Marcos for over 40 years and plan to keep it that way for years to come. Our team of qualified partners is trained in a variety of fields, ranging from family law in San Marcos, TX, all the way to criminal law. Our team is the premier Central Texas law firm, particularly in family law in San Marcos, TX. However, we are not just limited to family law in San Marcos, TX, we are trained and qualified to help you out with a number of different legal situations that might arise in your life.

Full-Service Family Law Representation
Family law cases are emotionally and financially taxing, but an experienced family law attorney, like Scanio & Scanio, can help you navigate these bumpy waters. We are qualified to handle an array of cases to suit your family law in San Marcos, TX, needs. They are including, but not limited to, divorce, high-asset property division, child custody, and adoption. Not to mention, one of our partners, Francesca Scanio-Stacey specializes in family law, she even is an active member of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas. Our commitment of advocating for clients has not changed since 1974, our legal advice is tailored to help reach each client's goals while helping to maintain client expectations in an ever-evolving legal system and is why you should choose Scanio & Scanio for your family law in San Marcos, TX needs.

How Else Can Scanio & Scanio Help You?
While we can help you with just about anything you can think of regarding family law in San Marcos, TX, we also take great pride in offering a comprehensive amount of services to all of our family law in San Marcos, TX clients. We are highly qualified in a number of other practice areas, which are including but are not limited to, criminal law, estate & probate planning, personal injury, and mediation. You can view and learn more about those practice areas on our website at

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Scanio & Scanio would be honored to help you navigate any legal situation that may come into your life. We have been providing legal services to the San Marcos area for decades. Over those decades we have built lifelong relationships with our clients. Contact us today to see how we can serve you. Explore our website to learn more about family law in San Marcos, TX, or call us at 512-396-2016 to talk to one of our professionals or to schedule a free consultation.

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