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If you are looking for a lawyer in Wimberley, TX you can trust, you can turn to Scanio & Scanio. We are dedicating to helping you with all of your legal needs.

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The best lawyer in Wimberley, TX
Divorce? Charges of DUI? Estate planning? Personal injury? We know that these are all tough situations for anyone to deal with on their own; therefore, Scanio & Scanio can provide you with legal help and promise to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. That is why we’re the best choice if you’re looking for the best lawyer in Wimberley, TX. Not sure why the best lawyer in Wimberley, TX is at Scanio & Scanio? Continue reading to learn more about our lawyers.

Who are Scanio & Scanio lawyers?
Meet the team and decide who is the right lawyer in Wimberley, TX for you! Scanio & Scanio was founded by two brothers, Michael and Vincent Scanio who have been lawyers in Central Texas for over 40 years. Today, Michael’s daughter, Francesca, and Steven, Michael’s son-in-law practice at Scanio & Scanio. Michael and Francesca specialize in family law practices and mediation because family is important to them as well as practicing other areas of law. You can find more about our practice areas on our website where you can judge for yourself what law firm has the best lawyer in Wimberley, TX.

Why we’re right for you
Need a mediating lawyer in Wimberley, TX? Look no further than our law practices - which is Michael Scanio’s specialty, who mediates over 200 cases a year and is fluent in Spanish. Need a Family lawyer? Francesca Scanio Stacey, one of our lawyers, has years of experience in family law including divorce, child custody, enforcement of family law orders, adoption, and more. All these cases can be very emotionally draining and time-consuming. Your Scanio & Scanio lawyer in Wimberley, TX will make sure it’s the most efficient it can be; because we care. While this is just a quick summary of how Scanio & Scanio can help you legally, if you visit our website you can get more details about our law firm, view the mediation schedule, and decide which lawyer in Wimberley, TX is the best fit for your case. Contact us today!

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