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If you're like most parents, your children are your most important and irreplaceable part of your life. When going through divorce, child custody is probably your top concern and biggest source of stress.

At Scanio & Scanio, A Professional Corporation, we do everything we can to preserve your relationship with and access to your children, and we strive for outcomes that work for the whole family. Child custody goes beyond the context of a marriage, and arises anytime the parents of minor children separate. Child custody encompasses three main topics: possession and access, conservatorship and child and medical support.

Balancing Priorities

Family law issues involving children often come down to two fundamental concerns: the best interests of the children and parental rights. We have a great deal of experience addressing the legal and practical aspects of child-related issues.

Sometimes a party to a child custody proceeding does not live here in Texas. When this happens, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) may come into play. The UCCJEA governs cases where the home state of child is in question. This often occurs when one parent moves to Texas from another state with the child. It is important to know that a Texas court that has jurisdiction over child custody issues under the UCCJEA may not have jurisdiction to issue a child support order. Child support issues will be governed by the UIFSA.

Whatever your situation, our family law attorneys are prepared to educate you about your rights and help you pursue your objectives.

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